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Currently I' m running anywhere from 2- 4 miles 2xs a week doing light weight training , toning exercises 2- 4xs a week along with a ECA stack 2xs a day 3- 4 days a week ( I' ll cycle off it as well) I' m drinking green tea ISO 100 protein shakes with a max on my calorie intake at 1300. It increases the metabolic rate of the body and the body is forced to burn down fat in order to keep up with the higher metabolic rate. Most ephedra supplements also combine aspirin in the herbal form of white will bark to form an ECA stack which is the most utilized form of ephedra.
100mg Citrus Aurantium 4%. The stack when ingested, basically leads to a rise in the body temperature creating a thermogenic environment. ECA Xtreme contains a rock- solid formulation that represents a combination of the top of the line weight loss pills of yesterday with the very best of today ECA Xtreme provides even the most hardcore users of weight loss , most important of all energy pills the results they are looking for. Garrafa cambogia eca stack.

It follows that the ECA stack is each of the three mentioned ingredients combined in a fixed ratio. How does the ECA Stack work?

The most common herbal ingredient combined with ephedra is caffeine. Consumption of a stack will apart from decreasing your appetite, increase your metabolism rate also burn the already present fat for energy. What is an ECA stack?

Ingredients are: 200mg Ma Huang ( standardized to 12% - 24 mg Ephedrine alkaloids) 200mg Caffeine. 100mg White willow bark. ECA stands for Ephedrine Caffeine Aspirin.

200mg Garcenia Cambogia. Caffeine as a stimulant often works in conjunction with ephedra for greater effect.

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What is an ECA stack? An ECA stack is a combination of ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin tablets. When taken together, these ingredients are said to promote weight loss and boost athletic performance. Super Garcinia Cambogia from Beta Labs is a supplement that uses a natural ingredient, derived from a fruit that can be found in India and certain parts of Asia.

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When used in a supplement, this ingredients has been seen to cause changes in the body, changes that diet and exercise may not be able to provide on their own. I used to weigh 275 lbs. I cut down to about 230 with simple 1 hr.
Cardio and eating 500 cal. under my BMR over the course of a year.

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Then I decided to try an ECA stack after a fitness coach at my school said she had good results and I was able to cut down to about 180lbs. ( 16% BF) in about 6 months.
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The ECA stack is a commonly used fat burning stack consisting of Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. The main component, Ephedrine, is the main active ingredient for weight loss and the caffeine augments its efficacy. I just ordered XTreme Thermoburn ephedrine ECA stack.
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